Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are essential in modern building and housing. Whether houses or offices, many architectural designs contain fitted wardrobe ideas to help create space in the rooms and for other great purposes.

Bespoke wardrobes play a critical role in providing cover and housing for your items like cloth, shoes and even books. Through wardrobes, we are able to organize stuff in houses and offices thus promoting cleanliness and storage.

Fitted wardrobes come in different types and sizes. Actually, with fitted wardrobes, customization is available for many builders. There are those that prefer mirrored or paneled doors for their fitted wardrobes, depending on the taste of an individual, all customizations are possible.

Here are types of fitted wardrobes you could fit in your house:


Just like the name suggests, this wardrobe opens with a hinged door. It is by far the most common wardrobe in many houses and offices. The doors to these wardrobes open wide out meaning they need space. The same doors also come with handles or handless designs, depending with what an individual prefers to install.


Unlike the hinged door wardrobes, the sliding wardrobe easily slides from side to side when opening or closing. It is a modern wardrobe and saves on a lot of space since it does not need space when opening unlike the hinged door wardrobe.

Designs of these wardrobes range from two to four doors depending with the size of the wardrobe itself.


This kind of wardrobes are great for small rooms as they will serve as both wardrobe and mirror. The mirrors are fitted onto the door of the wardrobe and can reflect natural light in the room.

Apart from the above type’s wardrobes, there are the three doors fitted wardrobe, six doors wide closet and the two section custom built closet.

Getting a quality wardrobe installer can be very essential. This will influence the outlook appearance the wardrobe will bring in the room.

Installing fitted wardrobes can range in pricing. Factors like quality, size and material used determine the price of the wardrobes.

Averagely, quality fitted wardrobes can cost from $2800 to $3800. This cost includes the interior and finishing of the wardrobe doors too.

Advantages of fitted wardrobes

• Space – Fitting in a wardrobe helps create space in your room. More space will mean more storage and room for other stuff.

• Customization – Fitted wardrobes can be easily customized. This will help you get what really suits your needs and the room too.

• Easy to clean – With fitted wardrobes, cleaning can be easy and quick. The fact that they open widely and are fitted in walls means they are easily accessible and can be cleaned easily.

• Investment – Having a fitted wardrobe can be a good investment for your future if you ever sell the house. House with fitted wardrobes attract and sell more.

On the other hand, there is no good without evil. The only disadvantage of a fitted wardrobe is that they often allow mold to thrive. This is because of the less aeration inside the wardrobe especially when closed. Fitted wardrobe near the bathrooms can cause dampness which easily allow mold to grow. It is essential to ensure you clean your wardrobe.

Fitted wardrobes can also sometimes be expensive to install depending on the material you choose to use. Although, most high quality materials will always be expensive due to the durability and appearance.